There is nothing I enjoy more than recording, playing guitar and creating things.  Some of these things are worth sharing, some are not.  Hopefully, you can find something to entertain yourself while you visit this website.

Buying and testing equipment leaves me with quite an arsonal.  Once a year I like to sell these demo items to make way for new. You can often purchase items I’ve tested at reduced rates allowing me to purchase more equipment to make more demo videos.

When performing I enjoy playing songs I grew up listening to from the 60’s and 70’s.  Beatles, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Derek & the Dominoes, etc…  The first song I learned to play was a George Harrison tune, “My Sweet Lord” and have been hooked on  guitar playing ever since.

I have taken a few lessons here and there always trying to better my skills and had the good fortune (and sense) to take lessons from “Ken Valentino” at Danny D’s Guitar Hacienda in League City, TX.
Ken Valentino taught me more in the time I spent with him than I had learned the entire time I’d been playing guitar and that’s a very long time.

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My studio
My Green Room

Most of my video/recording is done here in The Green Room.  I started video recording last year when my partner suggested I post Youtube video’s instead of trying to get “gigs”, which would eliminate having to schedule and worry whether or not I would be feeling well enough to perform.  Allergies make scheduling anything very difficult for me and the youtube thing solved all these problems for me.

My RV Recording Room
My RV Recording Room

Quite a few of my most enjoyable recording sessions happen here in my RV with one guitar and either the Zoom H5 or the Zoom R-16 along with my GoPro Hero 4, which are all easily setup, portable and always get the job done, anywhere, anytime. Dependable, no hassle just setup, plugin and record. After recording the audio and video are transported via SD card to my Macbook Pro for editing in Logic Pro X (audio) and Premiere CC Pro (video).


Contact Deb at deberney@att.net