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Crazy Love (written by Van Morrison)

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{title:CRAZY LOVE}
{subtitle:Van Morrison}

[A]I can feel her [C#m]heartbeat [D]from a thousand [A]miles
[A]And the heavens [C#m]open [D]every time she [A]smiles
[A]And when I come to [C#m]her [D]that’s where I [A]belong
[A]Yeah, I’m running [C#m]to her like a [D]river’s [A]song

She gives me [A]love [E]love [F#m]love [E]love, [D]crazy [E]love
She gives me [A]love [E]love [F#m]love [E]love, [D]crazy [A]love

[A]She’s got a fine sense of [C#m]humor when I’m [D]feeling [A]down
[A]And when I come to [C#m]her when the [D]sun goes [A]down
[A]She takes away my [C#m]trouble [D]takes away my [A]grief
[A]Take away my [C#m]heartache, [D]I go right to [A]sleep ..CHORUS

[E]Yes I [D]need her in the [A]daytime
[E]Yes I [D]need her in the [A]night
[E]Yes I want to [D]throw my arms [A]around her
[C#m]Kiss her hug her [D]kiss her hug her [A]tight[E]

[A]And when I’m re[C#m]turning from [D]so far [A]away
[A]She gives me some sweet [C#m]lovin [D]brightens up my [A]day
[A]Yes it makes me [C#m]righteous, [D]yes it makes me [A]whole
[A]Yes it makes me [C#m]mellow [D]down into my [A]soul …