I bought this from Amazon not expecting much.  Just used it yesterday while I was recording a few music video’s for  Didn’t even bother to listen to it because I wasn’t expecting much.

Yesterday I went to edit some of the video/audio I recorded and listened to the video recorded with the GoPro Mic Adapter.  OMG!!  The sound is amazing.  I can’t believe it sounded as good as it did.  I ran this cable from a Zoom H5 to a GoPro Hero 4.

Into the Zoom H5 I plugged in a Telecaster and an Alesis SR-16 drum machine.   On this recording I used the onboard mic of the Zoom H5, (which sounds as good as my Audix OM2)  This recording took place in my Sundance 5th Wheel which is quiet and isolated from any distractions.

Movo GMA100 3.5mm Mic Adapter Cable

Zoom H5 I was very pleasantly surprised with the sound that was recorded directly to the GoPro Hero.

The drums were a bit louder than I would have preferred but, that is something easily fixed next time I use this setup.  Now that I know I can record sound this well with the GoPro and Mic Adapter, I will be using it more often.

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