I’ve been a loyal Mac user for the last 14 years and it seems that the last year has been major disappointment for my mac products. I own an iPad Retina, iPhone 6+S, Macbook Pro, Macbook Pro Retina, Macbook Air.
Just bought the Macbook Pro Retina last year and it has been in for repairs at least 5 times. I’ve had problems with USB 3, Wifi dropping, Keyboard & Trackpad problems, the list goes on.
I’ve had it exchanged once and mother-board has been replaced twice. It’s presently with Apple for repairs; intermittent problems of programs freezing, closing, Macbook shutting down.

As Mac owners we usually pay 2x the price of a Windows computer/laptop with similar capabilities because of Mac reliability and Apple Support. Today that is no longer the case. With the rush to keep up with other manufacturers I feel that Apple has cut corners with products that used to be reliable and stable.

I am a musician, photographer, videographer, blogger, RV’er and depend on the use of my Laptop, iPad and iPhone for work and everything else in between. It seems that with the Yosemite release I have had nothing but problems with my iPad and Macbook Pro. Every release has me scrambling to make sure my music apps will work when I do.
When I read about Apple stocks, shares and sales going down I can understand why. Who wants to pay, top dollar, for something that may or may not work. With several updates scrambling to fix the last one.

My Macbook Pro is in for repairs, AGAIN, and I have asked them to run every test they have to make sure nothing is wrong with it or to fix whatever is wrong with it. When it is returned I plan on selling it and buying my first Microsoft Laptop in 14 years. I’m looking at an ALIENWARE laptop with DELL.

Unfortunately, for me, when I checked on Ebay to see what the new-used Macbook Pro Retina’s are selling for it wasn’t good news. I’m going to have to take a $500 loss on my Macbook Pro Retina. The only comfort in selling my Macbook Pro for so much less is that it will still sell for enough to purchase the biggest, beefiest Windows laptop on the market.

Feels like I’m breaking up with a longtime lover. GOOD BYE APPLE.