Boss VE-8 recording

Buying new equipment is always a fun thing for me.  Running it through the tests, finding out what it does, what it doesn’t do.  Using different hookups, mics, cables, instruments.  Using equipment with other pieces.  I love to experiment.

I bought the Boss VE-8 a month ago and have been using it to record, perform, practice and just enjoy.  You can see the video’s I’ve posted to date using the VE-8 and be assured there will be more to come.  To date I have youtube videos on Boss VE-8 unboxing and harmonies.

Here is one of the configurations/hookups that have worked well for me.  I’m able to configure the VE-8 to record with 2 separate channels offering me control of the volume after recording the vocal and guitar (2 separate channels) with a Zoom H5.  Either of these setups record well with 2 separate outputs or a stereo output.  I find the High settings for the harmonies to record more accurately than the other harmony settings.

boss-ve-8-hookups-wequipment-jpg boss-ve-8-hookups-14%22

The VE-8 records well with USB BUT, the harmonies do not.  The harmonies are a bit “garbled” & distorted.

I have many videos in the making showing every aspect of using this product.  The VE-8 is a definite addition to enhance the performance/recording for any guitarist/singer.