APOGEE DUET 2 Problems


I thought I’d take a break from website work today and record a few songs (using my new Apogee Duet 2) to line up with the videos I took at the nursing home on Friday.

Forty five minutes later everything was setup with the Apogee Duet 2 and Logic Pro X seeing each other and conversing.  The bass recorded well with only two recordings.  I got the lead guitar down in one take  (those guitar lessons are really paying off).  I’M A RHYTHM GUITAR PLAYER and I just couldn’t get the rhythm tracks recorded properly.  Just about the time I decided to start all over and re-record the rhythm from scratch, MY THREE MONTH OLD APOGEE DUET screen starts to blink off and on, then the image is replaced by lines.  What the ****.

I called Apogee and was told to go online and get support through their website.  I go online and then I have to register.  After registration, I had to check email to verify registration.  Then I went back to apogee digital.com to finally got an online tech (support by chat).  First he tells me to check the screen and tell him what version firmware is installed.  THERE IS NO DISPLAY ON THE SCREEN, for the third time.  What are these people deaf or just have trouble reading?  After about an hour he tells me to update firmware through my computer.  Of coarse this disconnects my session and I have to start all over again with some other little **** that is probably 12 years old, and TALKING DOWN TO ME.  Another 30 minutes and he is sending an RMA.  I have to repeatedly ask what stage we are at as the typing will go silent for several minutes.  Finally, the little **** informs me that once they get the return, the unit it should take 7-10 days to FIX, then they will send it back.  What happened to replacing the unit?

I’m still waiting on the RMA but, I did get an instruction email explaining how to go online and make sure they have a copy of my receipt before They send an RMA.  I’m also informed I will be paying for the shipping.  Welcome to my life.

They finally did replace the unit after a very heated phone call to Apogee, which you can hear for yourself at https://youtu.be/tZGzb9S9Olc

As you start reading my posts, you will realize that if there is a bad item on any shelf or in the stock room, I will get it.  I usually buy the extended warranties because of this but, I didn’t this time and now I pay the price.

So, no video today.  I’m going to start recording with my ever faithful Zoom R-16 tomorrow.  The Zoom is an 16 track, stand alone recorder and it always works.  I never have to worry about configuring it with my MacBook.

My guitar instructor had talked me into computer recording again and reluctantly, I have been trying to talk myself into computer recording for the last year and to tell the truth I think I’m about over it.  I’m starting to dread recoding and I love to record.  With the MacBook (it doesn’t matter what interface I use) it’s always about an hour before everything is setup and configured properly.  With the Zoom R-16, you plug in the guitar, microphone and hit record.  When I’m finished recording I take the SD card out and load it into Logic Pro for mixing and effects.  That has always worked well for me.  Full proof and easy.

Truthfully I’m not sorry to see the Duet go for awhile. Computer recording is a royal pain in the ass.  I could see that leaving everything connected and setup would be a bit easier but, who has the room/resources to do that????