I have recently rekindled a long over due relationship with my long lost Cousin,  Mary after checking a post with an email address that I don’t normally check.  I was both elated to read an email she had sent and very disappointed that it was emailed a year ago.

Deb Erney & Mary Sutton

Eagerly, I sent her an email hoping against all odds that my letter would find her and, low and behold, it did.  We have been excitedly emailing one another and reacquainting ourselves with each others lives. It had been over 40 years since we last saw one another and now we are emailing everyday and even talking on the telephone.

Mary has studied piano at the University of Michigan and has talents with the piano that have been a constant source of solace for her throughout the years.  Much as guitar has provided a refuge for myself.

We have decided to record some old favorites (maybe some new ones) together.  Mary on the piano with myself on vocal and guitar.  We don’t know what to expect nor how far we will get but, we are on this adventure together to see where it will take us.

You are welcome to follow us on our journey.

Deb Erney & Mary Sutton

Download songs here for
“Long Lost Cousins” Deb Erney & Mary Sutton