These are recordings of my practice with songs that I’ve grown up with and have loved playing throughout my life. Most are recorded with a guitar, mic,  Behringer Xenyx 1204USB,  using either the Zoom H5, Zoom R16 or the Apogee Duet for audio recordings which are then edited with Macbook Pro Retina in Logic Pro X.

The video is recorded with GoPro Hero 4 and edited with Premiere Pro CC and posted on www.youtube.com/daerney.
I try to keep the setup simple, using only mic and guitar, adding only vocal harmonies on some, but, most are 1 vocal, 1 guitar.
This tends to keep me grounded with my music practicing and helps me appreciate my talents (hard learned over the years). Helping me strive to get better and enjoy what I’m doing rather than focus on getting things perfect, adding other layers and spending hours editing.

Thought others that had grown up in this era, (mostly 60’s, 70’s) might enjoy these recordings along with the memories each song brings back.

You can download these (as I remember to post them) at Free Downloads.  

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.