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Music is my first passion. I have been entertaining, playing, singing and writing songs since I was 13 years old. My teachers used to give me and “A” for the day to sing and play for their class when they didn’t have a lesson plan.  These days I mostly create new versions of cover tunes I love and have played throughout my life. I also enjoy entertaining at the local nursing homes, art galleries and recently, at RV parks.2

Within the last few years I’ve started making videos; music, how to, product/equipment reviews thus my love for which has, gradually, become one of the main outlets for my frustrations, joys and plain old experimentation.  I enjoy posting video’s using equipment in different setups and combinations and have found that people actually benefit my experiments.  So, I’ve started recording my experiments and posting the results on YouTube.   I’ve always been interested in the newest, latest gadgets to make music and lately video.

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